‘People who follow fashion trends are those who don’t have their style’, says Anoushka Chauhan


Mumbai, June 21 (IANS) Actress Anoushka Chauhan shared that your fashion should spell who you are, and said how it is important to keep it original, adding that people who follow fashion trends are those who don’t have their own fashion style.

Speaking about her fashion statement, Anoushka, who is currently seen in the show ‘Krishna Mohini’ said: “Fashion is an instant language. When human contact is so quick, it’s important to say out loud what you represent and how you want to be seen. It’s not just what you wear or accessories with, it is where you come from, what you believe in and where you are going.”

The diva, who was seen as Maya in the romantic web series ‘Campus Beat’, further shared: “People who follow fashion trends are people who don’t have their fashion style. You lose your sense of individuality. Fashion trends are something which are not always environmentally-friendly too.”

If it is good to be updated about what’s in trend, Anoushka said: “Yes, but what you wear should be a blend of your fashion style and what’s trending. I don’t think as an artist I ever felt the need to follow what’s in but I surely want to be the trendsetter.”

Ask her if she is comfortable picking up a character whose fashion sense is opposite to how she looks, Anoushka said: “I am open to the idea of playing any kind of character coming from any segment or status of life and lifestyle. Whether it is a girl from South Bombay or a girl from Dharavi, it is not even a subject which comes across my mind while selecting a role.”

“What we play on screen is the true depiction of the character we play. But we must step out of it and live our life the way we want to because otherwise, it will kill the beauty of performing art, of cinema,” said Anoushka.

If she feels that one can go overboard in fashion, Anoushka added: “I like to keep it classy and simple, something which depicts what I am. It should be a statement. But something that I definitely won’t wear is a black dress. If you are being yourself, then there is nothing called going overboard. But, it is wisely said that when in Rome, be like the Romans. I try to wear something appropriate as per the occasion and the place with a hint of my style.”



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