Pearl V. Puri gained 7 kg for ‘Yaariyan 2’


The ‘Naagin’ series actor who is known for his chiseled physique and charming looks, embraced the challenge to portray his character authentically on the big screen, and pushed himself hard to attain the required musculature for the feature.

Detailing his transformation as well as what it entailed, he said: “I believe in pushing my limits and challenging myself as an actor. Gaining 7 kilograms for ‘Yaariyan 2’ was not just a physical transformation; it was a mental and emotional journey.”

“Every ounce of sweat, every carefully planned meal was worth it because it allowed me to truly embody my character as Bajrang. I hope my dedication inspires others to fearlessly pursue their dreams and embrace the challenges that come their way,” he added.

The actor’s transformation highlights the importance of an actor for becoming versatile in their efforts as well as their willingness to go the extra mile to bring depth to their characters.

Showcasing his dedication to portraying his character Bajarang with his physical transformation, Pearl V. Puri not only adds a level of authenticity to his character but also showcases his ability to adapt and diversify.



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