Paramvir learnt singing for ‘Chamak’, says training his throat muscles helped him


Mumbai, June 30 (IANS) Actor Paramvir Singh Cheema is gearing up for the second part of his hit streaming show ‘Chamak’, in which he plays a singer who comes to India to avenge his father’s death.

Paramvir spoke with IANS and shared that he learned singing for the show and how stepping into the shoes of his character for the 102-day shoot schedule was a testing experience for him as an actor.

The actor said that although a professional singer lent his voice to the character for the on-stage sequences in the show, learning the craft of singing taught him to train his throat muscles to make the singing look authentic on screen.

Paramvir told IANS: “I got to learn a lot about music while preparing for my character in ‘Chamak’. I attended music classes. I used to be a bathroom singer, but having played this character, I gained a certain confidence to sing in front of people.”

The actor further mentioned, “Though a professional singer has lent his voice to my character for the singing parts in the show, training in music helped me understand how to move my throat muscles to make the singing seem authentic on screen.”

Paramvir also shared that it was a bit difficult to play this character because of its dark past and the absence of parental love. The shoot also went on for a long time, as they shot for 102 days.

Talking about the new season and the new developments in the story arc, the actor said that this time around, he will get more support from the fans of his character’s late father (played by Gippy Grewal) in the show. However, he remains tight-lipped when asked if the fame will erode his hunger for revenge.

Paramvir told IANS: “We saw at the end of the last season that my character, Kaala, was taken to jail. The second part of the show will follow his attempts to come out of jail. The viewers will also get to see how the fans of his father, who was murdered while performing on stage, support him. Earlier, he had no support except Dimpy (played by Mukesh Chhabra).”

“This time around, my character revels in style, planning, and plotting. It remains to be seen if he will remember to take revenge for what was done to his father or if he will surrender to fame and leave the revenge behind,” he added.



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