Matt Damon recollects kissing Scarlett Johansson was ‘hell’


The actor, 52, made the frank admission regarding the 38-year-old beauty after the pair locked lips on ‘We Bought A Zoo’ back in 2011, reports ‘The Mirror’.

The pair starred alongside each other in the comedy, also featuring Elle Fanning.

But while some might think it would be a joyous task, Matt was having none of it and confessed to the bad experience he “suffered”.

As per ‘The Mirror’, recalling the role, the actor joked it was “horrible” as he opened up on the “hell” he had to go through.

“I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson – can you imagine how horrible that was for me? It was hell!” he told LADbible.

He went on: “What happened was, we did a shot before lunch and it was this nice little two-shot that ended in the kiss. And it was really good.”

Unfortunately, as the pair thought the day’s kissing antics were over, Scarlett – chose a delicacy to eat.

“She and I both thought it was over,” Damon continued: “She ate, like, an onion sandwich.”

And it was only after that they were told they would have to lock lips once again, leaving Scarlett having to confess at her pungent plate.

‘The Mirror’ further states that Matt revealed he was “making fun of her” throughout their “ordeal” but insisted they got on with it like the professionals they are.

“Her breath smells like roses!” he joked.

His confession comes days after he revealed he was planning on taking a break from acting until the role in ‘Oppenheimer’ was thrust upon him. During couple’s therapy, he told wife Luciana Barroso that it was time for him to take an acting break.

However, there was one stipulation – if director Christopher Nolan called, he would step back in front of the camera. And that’s exactly what happened.

True to her word, Luciana let Matt go on with the role, but he does admit that it was a “moment” in their house. It turns out that Christopher actually has fun with these sorts of spontaneous offers while also recognising the downside.



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