Manushi Chhillar says Terence Lewis introduced her to contemporary dance style


The upcoming episodes of the dance reality show will see Vicky Kaushal and Manushi promoting their upcoming film ‘The Great Indian Family’.

Nearing its finale, the contestants have raised the bar of the competition and will give it their all, vying for a spot in the coveted Top 6.

One of the most memorable acts are of contestant Samarpan Lama, as he delivers a breathtaking contemporary performance to ‘Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin’.

Manushi praises the act saying, “Samarpan, your body effortlessly synced with the changing rhythms and beats of the song, showcasing your remarkable ability to catch the tune. Your ability to adapt and change your pace was truly impressive.”

“What I admire most in dancers is their extraordinary neuromuscular coordination and precise control over their bodies – and in Samarpan, I witnessed that exceptional level of control. You are not just an incredible dancer, but also incredibly cute and endearing. When we hold someone in high regard, we often offer them a symbol, and today, I present you with a rose”, she says.

Manushi said: “I have watched Terence perform contemporary dance on television, and he introduced me to this captivating dance form. And today, Samarpan’s performance brought back memories of Terence’s artistry.”

Judge Terence also commends Samarpan’s act, saying, “Years ago, before I was recognised on television, we laid the foundation for contemporary dance. A decade later, I wondered who would carry this dance form forward. But watching you, Samarpan, I feel like Dronacharya, and you are my Arjun.”

“Your contemporary dance is a beacon of the foundation we built, and it will never lose its fire. Your technique, emotions, and unique style set you apart. When I watch you dance, I sense tranquility. You embody spiritual power, and your dedication is palpable. Some people dance their style, but you, Samarpan, dance with your soul. Certain songs we listen to, and certain dances we feel – yours is one we truly connect with,” adds Terence.

‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ airs on Sony.



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