‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’ new version fuses old melody with folk, electronic elements


The original song needs little introduction as to date it remains a classic not just in Bollywood, but all of Indian cinema for its untapped power, great sense of melody, danceable groove and its amazing fun packed attitude laced with strong romance with the majesty of Udit Narayan’s vocals.

The new revamped version’s teaser is a prelude for the new version that will come soon and presents a new take on it. Adding in a modern flavour with new production, the song brings in the groove and melody of the iconic classic while packing in a new flavour as this time father and son sing together.

‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’ from the teaser it seems won’t just bring in the old folk laced melodies of the original, but will also bring in some new electronic elements, but it won’t be deviating from the original, because it seems neither like a remix nor a re-mastered version, but rather the exact same song, just with a bigger production and new fusion elements.

The early version was a romantic period drama and thus aptly titled ‘Ek Prem Katha’. The Katha will continue this time as Tara Singh packs in all his might and resolve, travelling to Pakistan to save his son from torture at the hands of Pakistani Army.

‘Gadar 2’ trailer was packed with great drama and action, aiming to capture the essence of the original as well as bringing in a new version. Much like what the trailer does, the teaser for the iconic classic track indicates the very same.

It is hard to determine what will happen next, but the teaser alone is enough to create a wave of nostalgia amongst all listeners as they eagerly await the release of ‘Gadar 2’ which will hit theatres on August 11, 2023.




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