Josh Radnor says his new single ‘Learning’ already was existing, he merely grabbed it


Talking about his latest single ‘Learning’, he said that the track was something that already existed and he merely grabbed it. The track, which is a part of his upcoming album ‘Eulogy: Vol 1’, was a complex emotional journey for the ‘HIMYM’ alum.

Speaking to ‘People’ magazine about his new album, he said: “I started the record with this mixture of grief and anger, and by the end of recording it, I was really connecting with someone in quite a special way. It was a journey, that’s for sure.”

The statement seemed to partly refer to his fiancee who works as a psychologist in the New York City area.

Radnor said: “I have the weird experience sometimes of writing a song and then a while later realising how much I needed the song. And ‘Learning’ is one of those songs.”

The actor-songwriter first began performing music in 2013 with Australian artiste Ben Lee, and has done genres ranging from indie-pop, folk, country, and rockabilly.

Written during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic alongside his friend and fellow songwriter Kyle Cox, the idea of the single was born when Cox mentioned the phrase ‘learning to be lonely’ in the writing room.

“That was the genesis of it,” Radnor recalled. “I had been kicking around this melody and chord progression, so we just kind of united forces with his lyrical idea and my musical idea.”

But, the ‘Fleishman is in Trouble’ actor has partly believed that the song was already existing out there somewhere, and all he had to do was just grab hold of it.

“It felt like ‘Learning’ was a song that wanted to exist or maybe existed somewhere before, and we just kind of grabbed it,” Radnor said. “I think initially we were going to talk about loneliness, and then we just started talking about fear, and then we started talking about sadness.”



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