Joe Jonas reveals most embarrassing moment onstage


The ‘Burnin’ Up’ singer said during a question-and-answer session for Vanity Fair with his Jonas Brothers bandmates Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas that he found falling over on national TV more mortifying, reports

When Joe was asked to name his most embarrassing moment in life, Nick chimed in, “You s**t your pants!”. Kevin added, “You did. You s*** your pants.”

Joe said they were “incorrect” and his most traumatising moment during a show was when he fell “on national TV”. It seemed he was referring to the humiliating moment he attempted to walk through a shattered glass door during a stage set-up with his brothers at the 2007 American Music Awards, where he got his foot caught before falling to his knees on the broken glass.

But the singer kept the show on the road by getting back up and continued to sing.

Joe added: “That was embarrassing at the time. Now I don’t really care because it’s happened many times since.”

The singer has a reputation for tripping during his performances and was forced to watch clips of himself taking tumbles in a 2019 appearance on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’.

Joe confessed in July that he was forced to have a “mid-wardrobe s*** change” after he pooed his white pants during a show in 2019.

He said on the ‘Will and Woody’ podcast, “I think it might’ve been a little toot, might’ve been something else, something a little extra. So it was a, like, mid-wardrobe s–t change during the set. If you go in the archives, there is a wardrobe change halfway through a show and it’s a little bit like, that’s a bit interesting choice to change clothes that quickly.”

He joked he had finally got over the incident with therapy, adding, “It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Such is life. It has happened to many artists. I’ve paid my dues and I feel like I’m a part of some secret club now.”



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