Jiya Shankar has a heart-to-heart with Elvish post eviction, opens up about her estranged father


Sitting in the green area of the house before packing her bags in the latest episode, Elvish and Jiya had a good talk where Jiya tearfully opened up on her personal life, telling her that since her father’s remarriage she hasn’t seen him for 20 years.

Elvish asked if she didn’t like her dad and cut off contact with him, to which she answered: “No no. I haven’t spoken to him because I don’t know where he is, how he is, what he looks like or what even his voice is like anymore.”

She added: “There is no memory, nothing, and it has been like that for the last 20 years ever since he remarried. He has another child with his new wife and hasn’t spoken to me since, cutting off all contact.”

Elvish asked if she missed him to which she said: “I do, many times, but now there is no need. He has a new wife, a daughter, a new life. He has moved on and I am sure I am little more to him than something from his past. So why bother? He has his own life, and now I have moved on as well.”

Elvish then asked what if her father was missing her and was simply unable to contact her. Jiya then answered: “I was very young when he left, and it’s been so long now. If he really missed us then he would have contacted us. Well, now it is too late.”

“He never bothered to ask about us even once how we are doing, and now that everything is fine with me and I have gone through so many difficulties in my life, why should I bother now? There is nothing left anymore.”

A while back, the other contestants had a meet up with their families which was a teary eyed moment. When watching others with their parents, Jiya said she was always protected by her now estranged father back when she was little, so she indeed misses him and feels his absence.

But she later went on to add that in homes, once family ties get broken, kids of that house lose faith in ever renewing those ties, and have no trust in anything like that anymore. Instead, Jiya decided to move forward with her life, foster new relationships and grow as a person rather than brood over a long gone past.

Now only Elvish, Abhishek, Pooja Bhatt, Bebika Dhruve and Manisha Rani remain as the remaining contestants, though the battle seems to be only between Elvish and Abhishek now. ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ streams on JioCinema.




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