Jannat Zubair says she would any day choose acting over singing


Mumbai, June 23 (IANS) Actress Jannat Zubair, who has been exploring her singing talent as well, feels that she is used to acting since her childhood and singing still makes her nervous.

Jannat recently released her new song ‘Kayfa Haluka’ which she has sung as well. At the conference held for the song on Wednesday, the actress spoke about the song and much more.

When asked what is difficult for her, singing or acting, she answered, “I think no job is easy and no job is difficult if you do it with your heart. I am very passionate about acting because I have been doing it since childhood. I am used to acting. If I had to compare between acting and singing, obviously acting would be my preference. I still get nervous while singing a song. I record the scratch first and then go to the studio to record the final song”.

Talking about her song, she said, “‘Kayfa Haluka’ means ‘How are You?’, in Arabic. It’s an altogether new try from us. It is a different song from what we all have been hearing these days. We have tried to make it a pop song with live instruments. There is Arabic music in it as well. The song is very catchy. If you listen to it once or twice, you will be humming it the whole day”.

‘Kayfa Haluka’ is sung by Jannat Zubair. Vibhas has given the lyrics and music of the song and Jannat’s father Zubair Rahmani has produced the project.


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