Imelda Staunton opens up about ‘difficult’ atmosphere on ‘The Crown’ set after Queen’s death


Los Angeles, May 5 (IANS) Actress Imelda Staunton, who portrayed the late monarch, revealed that she had a “difficult” time filming ‘The Crown’ following Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

“For the better part of three years, I was inhabiting someone real in a true story that was serious and challenging. We’d resumed filming, and very soon after, the Queen died, so it was difficult,” she told Yours magazine, reports

“We carried on with as much dignity and grace as everyone always had done, but, obviously, there was a very different atmosphere in the world and on set.”

The actress reminisced about just having to “carry on” as normal but noted that she and her castmates were all “a bit sad” and the Queen’s passing had changed things in some way.

“We just had to carry on as before, but we were all a bit sad. I think it inevitably informed the temperature, if you like, rather than altered the material at all. But, there’s no doubt, it was different.”

Staunton had never realised the extent to which the late Queen’s “strength” relied on her personal faith before taking on the role and “clung on to” that notion while portraying the character.

“I didn’t realise, or think about, how much her faith meant to her. That was an element I clung on to quite firmly and it helped me with her ability to be very still and thoughtful. I realised her strength came from her faith.”



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