How David Duchovny ‘discovered’ Angelina Jolie: All he knew was that she was some movie star


Los Angeles, June 28 (IANS) Actor David Duchovny said that he knew Angelina Jolie “was a movie star” from the moment they first met.

Duchovny and Jolie starred together in the thriller “Playing God” in 1997. The “Californication” star appeared on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live and explained how he knew the actress would become such a big star one day.

“I feel like I discovered Angelina Jolie,” Duchovny quipped while speaking with host Andy Cohen, reports

To which, Cohen asked, “Really?” and the actor said: “Yeah, because I was casting, I was part of the casting of, I didn’t discover her, but you know, she came in, and I just knew she was a movie star, and I told everybody we’ve gotta cast her.”

‘Playing God’ had Duchovny essay the role of Eugene Sands, a disgraced surgeon who reinvents himself as a “gunshot doctor” for criminals. The actress played Claire, one of the criminals’ girlfriends.

It was in an interview in 1997, where Jolie shared that the role was “wild.”

“(Playing God) was very rock-‘n’-roll and fun and loud and say-what-you-want-to-say, dress wild and love wild — you know that fantasy. I really allowed myself to get into that world,” she told the outlet.

“Being the age (I) am, I sometimes feel like a punk kid walking onto certain sets, but I didn’t this time. I felt very much (like) a woman.”

After ‘Playing God’, Jolie continued to gain stardom with her work in George Wallace, which earned her a Golden Globe for the best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a series, limited series, or motion picture made for television in 1998.

Two years later, she won an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category for her work in ‘Girl, Interrupted’ at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards.



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