Guru Mann reveals why he’s playing himself in ‘Pagalpan Next Level’


Guru, who is one of the biggest YouTubers, has shared the reason behind his decision of choosing to act in his own biopic.

He said that he wants to use the power of the silver screen to popularise fitness.

Guru defied the initial wishes of his parents as he ventured into acting for the camera.

Guru’s parents were initially against the idea of their son pursuing acting as a profession. Like the majority of parents in Indian society, they wanted him to tread a more conventional path.

However, Guru’s passion and his story eventually won them over. He chose to follow his heart and step into the world of acting, not just as a professional, but as a vessel to tell his own inspiring journey.

By taking on the role himself, Guru brings a raw and unfiltered perspective to the film. It’s a courageous decision that allows him to revisit the challenging moments of his life, transforming them into a powerful narrative that’s bound to resonate with audiences.

Talking about the turning point in his life, Guru said: “The turning point in my life came in an unexpected moment at a gym in the US. A girl approached me and complimented my fitness. When she asked where I was from, I proudly said ‘India’. Her surprise at an Indian being fit was eye-opening. It led me to research and realise that India’s obesity numbers were alarmingly high. I felt a deep calling to actively change that. This is when the ‘Mission India Fit’ movement was born. As an actor, I want to use the power of the silver screen to popularise fitness and spread awareness”.

He further mentioned, “ ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ is not just the story of how I scaled up in life; it’s a story about how anyone can turn their life around when they have the will and determination to do so. It’s about challenging stereotypes, breaking barriers, and inspiring a nation to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Through this biopic, I hope to convey that fitness isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. It’s a journey of self-improvement, both physically and mentally. I want to show people that they have the power to change their lives and, in turn, help India become a fitter, healthier nation.”

Directed by Aryeman Keshu Ramsay and produced by GJ Singh under the banner of Golden Glass Entertainment, ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ is set to release in theatres on October 27.



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