Gulshan Devaiah opens up on how humour helps him add depth to his characters


Mumbai, July 1 (IANS) Actor Gulshan Devaiah said that toying around with humour in a scene allows him to add depth to the characters on-screen.

Gulshan told IANS that humour is always a great add-on for a scene as it can take the narrative in a totally different direction while maintaining its essence.

He said: “If we can find humour in a scene, it’s always a great add-on. It allows me to open a small window and add another dimension to the scene or the character that I’m portraying. With a story like ‘Bad Cop’, which is supposed to be entertaining, wherever there was a scope to explore humour, I would jump onto it without going beyond the realms of the character.”

He further mentioned a scene from his recently released streaming series which was written differently on paper and how he and his co-actor came up with a refreshing take on the scene.

He told IANS: “There was a scene about salutes and handshakes, it was not there in the script. My co-actor and I improvised on that bit but only after consulting our director Aditya Datt.”

The actor said that the director’s responsibility in such a scenario is to streamline the performances and make sure that nothing goes out of character for all the actors involved.

Currently, Gulshan can be seen in dual roles in ‘Bad Cop’ which also stars Anurag Kashyap. He was earlier seen in the fan-favourite webseries ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ in the character of ‘4 Cut Atmaram’. The actor was lauded for his performance as a cold-blooded contract killer who slashes his targets four times to ensure maximum damage to them.



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