For Vidisha Srivastava, Yoga is her ‘secret key to holistic well-being’


Mumbai, June 21 (IANS) Actress Vidisha Srivastava, who plays the role of Anita Bhabi in ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!’, has shared that Yoga is her “secret key” to holistic well-being.

The actress feels that Yoga is essential in the era of social, environmental, and financial turmoil, where people’s lives are being rocked by unprecedented challenges.

She said: “Yoga has become my secret key to attaining holistic well-being. During the darkest phase of my life, when my focus was waning, yoga emerged as a guiding light, restoring my mind, spirit, and body to tranquillity, rejuvenation, and equilibrium. Not only has yoga helped me regain my focus, but it has also enhanced my acting skills.”

She further mentioned: “When I return to my homeland of Varanasi, I find solace in practising pranayama and laughter yoga alongside the serene ghats of the Ganges, accompanied by my beloved parents. These practices enable me to release the burdens of everyday stress and rejuvenate my soul. With utmost conviction, I wholeheartedly recommend yoga to everyone as a transformative force capable of altering their lives for the better.”

‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!’ airs Monday to Friday on &TV.


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