Chahatt Khanna shares why she likes to travel with her daughters


Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ actress Chahatt Khanna said that she is fond of travelling and also shared her experience of visiting the Pink City, Jaipur along with her daughters, Amaira and Zohairr.

Sharing her experience, she said it is very important for parents to travel with their children at regular intervals.

Chahatt said: “Travelling helps in strengthening the bond between parents and children. In today’s times, most parents get extremely occupied with their professional lives. The few hours that we manage to set aside for our children every day are not enough. When you travel with your children, you get to know them better.”

“You also make them realise the importance of travelling to new places and being outdoors. Very few things in our life contribute to our growth as much as travelling does,” she said.

The actress, who is known for her shows such as ‘Kumkum’, ‘Kaajjal’, ‘Qubool Hai’, and many more, said she had been to Jaipur earlier, however, it was Amaira’s first visit to the city. This is the reason, she made a complete list of places before starting her trip where she can take her daughter.

“I was particular about taking Amaira to places she would enjoy visiting. Although I had visited Jaipur a couple of times in the past, I got to discover many wonderful things which I had not come across earlier. One of our most memorable visits was to the Albert Hall Museum which happens to be the oldest museum that is based in Rajasthan,” she said.

Chahatt said: “Amaira was highly amused to see the historical artefacts and other elements in the museum that took one back to a bygone era.”


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