BTS singer V unleashes waterworks with music video of his single ‘Rainy Days’


The music video highlights the darker and emotional approach of the track as V is shown sitting at his home in a messy bed, looking all gloomy and depressed as he misses his partner.

The BTS singer then proceeds to sing about a glimmer of hope that he may yet get a call from his loved one who has left him as he looks on into the distance.

V the proceeds to carry on with the chores, cooking meals by himself and setting up a table for two, though the second chair is empty leaving V to dine alone with his only his dog giving him company.

V yearns to back to the happier times of the past, reminiscing about long gone memories and reunite with the one he loves, recalling their first embrace.

The single is a clear cut, grounded and stripped back track that infuses R&B elements, alternative pop, electronic and traditional K-pop in a new mix, bringing to light V’s desire to experiment stylistically and create a new soundscape.

According to the Big Hits Entertainment label: “‘Rainy Days’ is an alternative pop R&B track, which provides a perfect mix of vintage percussion and modern drum sounds gives off a unique vibe.”

Big Hit had announced back on August 8 that V will be releasing his debut album ‘Layover’ which will comprise of six tracks, ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Blue’, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’, ‘For Us’ along with a bonus track piano version of ‘Slow Dancing’.

‘Layover’ will drop on September 8, 2023 highlighting V’s vocals more than anything and combining elements from K-pop, jazz, R&B, power pop, acoustic and even synth-pop.




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