Adarsh Gourav on Malegaon film industry: ‘They created a genre & succeeded with it’


“I deep dived into the nuances of this film industry that is not shaped by a language or culture but by the place it stems from. Which is so fascinating. They created a genre and succeeded with it. How fascinating is the story that not a single film of theirs makes losses,” Adarsh said.

The actor added: “It’s an unheard of module and that itself for me was fascinating to follow and get a good understanding of. Our film is about the love of cinema from their lens so educating myself about their various ways of working and understanding their business module and sense was fascinating.”

In the 1990s, Malegaon filmmakers initially created parodies of well-known commercial movies like ‘Sholay’, ‘Don’, ‘Shaan’ among many others. Over time, there was a shift towards crafting original narratives set in Malegaon. The advent of the YouTube era around the late 2000s led to a surge in filmmakers establishing their own channels.

Today, Malegaon boasts numerous thriving channels producing 10-15 minute comedy sketches and spoofs, garnering millions of views.

This journey of storytelling in Malegaon has evolved from humble makeshift theaters exclusively featuring Bollywood films, to crafting spoofs of popular movies, and now producing content released on YouTube.

Reema Kagti, the visionary director behind ‘Superman of Malegaon’, skillfully captures the essence of this distinctive film industry, offering audiences a thought-provoking and engaging cinematic narrative.



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