US-India collaboration on DPIs will make us a global digital innovation hub: Nasscom


New Delhi, June 24 (IANS) The partnership between the US and India to enable development and deployment of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in developing countries will provide India with an opportunity to solidify its position as a global digital innovation hub, setting an exemplary model for other nations to follow, Nasscom has said.

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi intend to work together to provide global leadership for the implementation of DPI to promote inclusive development, competitive markets, and protect individual rights.

“The partnership focuses on fostering open and inclusive digital economies through the development and deployment of DPIs in developing countries, leveraging India’s successful implementation,” Nasscom said in a statement.

The US and India will explore how to partner together and align efforts to advance the development and deployment of robust DPIs, including appropriate safeguards to protect privacy, data security and intellectual property.

The Indian IT industry’s apex body said that both the countries will work towards responsible AI, aiming to advance AI education, foster commercial opportunities, and address concerns related to discrimination and bias.

Nasscom has been working closely with the entire ecosystem to leverage and propel AI-led technological advancements, driving innovation and growth across sectors.

“With its abundance of highly skilled professionals, thriving startup ecosystem, and forward-looking mindset, India has become a frontrunner in AI advancements,” it said.

Nasscom’s extensive guidelines on responsible use of generative AI exemplify India’s commitment to promoting ethical and responsible practices in the field of AI, setting a global benchmark while continuing to drive innovation.


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