Reliance contributes Rs. 25 crore to Uttarakhand post-flood recovery and development as part of sustained development efforts for people of the state – Shri Anant Ambani


Mumbai: To help rebuild lives affected by floods this year in Uttarakhand and in continuation of its sustained social development efforts in the state, Reliance, through Shri. Anant Ambani contributed Rs. 25 crore to the state’s Chief Minister Relief Fund on Thursday.

Shri Anant M Ambani

“We share a deep bond with the people of Uttarakhand, through joys and sorrows over the past decade. The phenomenal resilience of the state and its people in the face of crisis has been inspiring to all of us at Reliance. As we mark a decade of our association with Uttarakhand, to further strengthen this journey we are contributing in a meaningful manner to the state’s well-being,” said Shri Anant Ambani on the recent commitment to development initiatives in Uttarakhand.

Floods and landslides following heavy rains in Uttarakhand during July and August this year resulted in widespread loss of life and property. Reliance has stood with Uttarakhand during difficult times since the 2013 floods that caused extensive damage. Among the first organisations to reach far-flung areas, Reliance Foundation rescued stranded people, provided relief and shelter, and initiated efforts to rebuild lives. It reconstructed institutions, including two schools that catered to children in 30 villages, while training communities for greater resilience. Reliance also supported the people of the state following floods in 2021 and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In collaboration with the Government of Uttarakhand and other organisations, Reliance has taken various social initiatives. Rural communities were supported in creating about five lakh cubic metres of water harvesting capacity, which helped improve water availability for agriculture and consumption in 90 villages. Various community healthcare initiatives took medical care to the last mile. Many of the 1,500 women and 1,200 representatives of Gram Panchayats trained in community development went on to be grassroots leaders.

A strong proponent of sports for development, Reliance supported over 3.8 lakh children and youth in the state for football, basketball and athletics through its Education and Sports for All initiatives. The unique Chirbatiya Luthiyag marathon in 2018 and 2019 helped bring communities together, showcase talent and create awareness on ecological conservation.

The outcomes of Reliance’s efforts to strengthen livelihoods in Uttarakhand have inspired transformation in other parts of India. In the spirit of ‘We Care’ that it espouses, Reliance is committed to the inclusive development and well-being of people everywhere in India.

This contribution is aimed at further supporting the people of Uttarakhand on their journey towards well-being and prosperity.

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