Google brings 5 new tools to Chrome mobile app to boost search experience


New Delhi, June 27 (IANS) Google has announced five new features in its Chrome browser on Android and iOS mobile devices to boost the search experience.

These include new shortcuts for local search results and a refreshed address bar for easier navigation.

Notably, the new ‘Chrome Actions’ feature will help users save time when they are trying to engage with places like a local business.

“For example, when you search for a restaurant, you’ll see shortcut buttons in the search results to quickly do things like call, get directions and read reviews,” the company informed.

This feature is now live in Chrome on Android, and is coming to Chrome on iOS later this fall.

Google has refreshed the Chrome address bar on iPads and Android tablets, to take advantage of their larger screen sizes.

The new shortcut suggestions feature for both Chrome on Android and iOS brings a personalised touch to address bar, helping users navigate to a website based on what they normally type to get there.

“You’ll now see trending search suggestions in your Chrome address bar on iOS, a feature already available on Android,” said the company.

Lastly, Live sports cards are now available in Chrome’s Discover Feed on the New Tab page on iOS and Android.

“So when your favourite team is playing, you’ll get automatic updates on how the game is going if you’ve followed the team or expressed interest in it in the past,” said Google.



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