You must download these basic Apps if you love travelling


New Delhi: At a time when you are all by yourself, Apps can be the real saviour. More so, if you are a traveller, you must have the following Apps on your smartphone.

Map App

Travelling in an unknown land is fun. But getting strayed could be a risk. Map Apps are your true buddy. Things like –Where am I? How do I reach there? Where do I go now? –will no more perturb you. There are many Map App available in the online domain. Google Maps, Nokia HERE, Sygic, Waze are among a few popular ones which you can think of.

Restaurant App

You love trying out new cuisines. You love new dishes. You love experimenting. But how do you get to the best restaurant serving the delicacies of that particular region? That is the moment when Restaurant Apps come to your solace. Urbanspoon, Yelp, Zagat are a few popular Apps which can be tried out.

Language Translators

I love this spot but I wish I could read what is written. The direction board is clear but how do I find out what is written? May be I can ask someone to guide me, but alas I can’t figure out what he/she is saying! If you are in a foreign land you will need language translator Apps which are not only fast and easy but will also bridge any communication gap. Google Translate, iTranslate, Waygo are the most popular among the translation App list.

Flight Trackers

Holidays have been awesome. Now pack your bags, catch the flight and go back home. But what if you have something that tracks your flight. Won’t it be good that you don’t have to worry about the nuances of travel. Something just pops up and tells you if there is a delay or lag in your journey! There is a wide range of flight tracking Apps. Flightradar24, FlightView, FlightBoard and FlightAware are a few popular ones you can try.


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