You are showing us the world thank you bloggers and you tubers



Mumbai:   You are showing us the world thank you bloggers and you tubers. Let me confess something, I simply hate conducted tours. You may argue that in a group you are absolutely safe while travelling in a foreign land, cheap as everything is booked in bulk by the operator, you can visit many places in a short span of time. But to me, it looks like you are in a school picnic where you can see what your teacher wanted you to show, you can eat only what is planned. On my only maiden trip to Malaysia, arranged by the tour operator, I had a feeling that I am on a trip to click pictures on an exotic backdrop for your friends and relatives or sharing on social media to tell that you have also toured foreign destinations.

You are showing us the world thank you bloggers and you tubers that,  I decided to travel the way I want, stay as long as I wish, explore the local cuisines, see local museums, libraries, flea markets, enjoying street food, interacting with local artists, singers, attending concerts, watching plays and more than anything live the place like a local.

This way, I travelled to Hongkong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka, Alaska, Scotland and host of many other foreign locations. When you plan a trip to only one place for a week or so you will live the place, explore.

You may have a question, whether walking alone in an unknown land do I feel a little scared. The answer is both yes and no. By and large people in most of the tourist destinations, locals respect the foreigners as they provide extra money to the economy. Many countries largely depend on the foreigner to grease their economy.

From the last seven months, like most of the Indians, I have also confined to four walls of my building and the nomad in me is upset.

Suddenly, I explored the gem, going places without moving even a millimetre away from home. You are showing us the world thank you bloggers and you tubers in a very different way and explore the places and interact with people the way one should do. They are hitchhikers, backpackers loaded with smartphones, GoPro reaching out to the destinations which were/and still out of the ambit of a popular tourist map.Once again You are showing us the world thank you bloggers and you tubers

How these travel bloggers manage to travel? Initially, they travel to the destinations whose currency is cheaper than their own currency so that they should not feel the load of travelling on the pocket. Load their videos on YouTube, if contents are interesting they cross the magic number wherefrom advertisers jump on their wand wagon thus getting some money. Syifa Adriana is an Indonesian YouTube Blogger, quite popular, her video blogs on China, Nepal and South Asian countries are very popular due to her unique way of narrating her journey, eating local food, meeting and interacting local people, talking about how to travel and stay. She normally stays at one place for a month or so does some odd jobs to support of trip, for example, while she was in China, she took English teaching assignment to support her expenses. Yesterday I watched a few videos of Nomadic Indian Deepanshu, who travelled from Gobi desert of Mongolia to Interior parts of Russia, China and Vietnam. He has more than 7 lac (0.7 million ) subscribers, so getting modest earning also. I do not say that these videos are perfect, much better could be done. But it is opening up a new vista, giving a window to the places normally beyond conventional tourist destinations so cheaper and much to learn and enjoy.

I also wish to take a new avatar after this pandemic, becoming a Travel Video Blogger!


– Pradeep Gupta (An avid  traveller and formal Asst.General Manager State Bank of India)


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