Sharif’s medical report rejected by Pak’s Punjab govt


The government in Pakistan’s Punjab province has rejected the medical report of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, claiming it was prepared by a private UK doctor instead of his general physician in London.

According to the information obtained by The Express Tribune, the medical report lacks details about Sharif’s treatment with regard to his blood platelet count.

The former leader, who is serving a seven-year jail term, was granted bail and later allowed to travel abroad particularly for the treatment of the ailment responsible for the constant drop in his platelet count.

Sources have claimed that Sharif has sent medical reports prepared by a doctor who didn’t even conduct his check-up in London.

According to rules in the UK, the medical summary includes data of a patient’s complete check-up issued by the same doctor who the patient has been seeing on a regular basis as well as the medical history of the patient.

Under the rules, the doctor keeps one copy of the summary; the second one is handed over to the patient while the third copy is kept as a record at the concerned hospital, The Express Tribune reported.

According to reports, Sharif has undergone four cardiac checkups for platelet deficiency and (iTP) disease, while a cardiologist also recommended some tests.

Heart Specialist Simon Brett Wood recommended angioplasty after conducting three checkups of Sharif at Guy’s Hospital, London.

However, the sources claim, no report of Wood has been submitted to the government.

Karachi, Jan 19 (IANS)


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