Appeal for Munich shooting video evidence, Merkel to chair meeting


Munich: Police in the German city of Munich have asked members of the public to submit any videos, photos or audio recordings from Friday’s mass shooting at a shopping centre that left 10 people dead including the 18-year-old attacker.

Chancellor Angela Merkel delayed a holiday in the Alps to chair a meeting of the national security council later on Saturday, BBC reported.

She will meet her Chief of Staff, Peter Altmaier, and Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere and a host of intelligence officials on Saturday to review the incident on Friday evening that was carried out by the sole Iranian-German shooter that killed nine people and also shot himself after being surrounded by security forces.

The first call by an eyewitness was received at 5.50 p.m. and notified authorities about gunfire on two streets near the Olympia shopping complex, which is located in a residential area and is made up of 135 commercial establishments, Al Jazeera reported.

At least 21 people, including children, were wounded in the attack, 16 of whom were still being treated in hospital.

The shooter’s body was found about 1km away from the shopping centre. A red rucksack found near the body was being examined for explosives, Al Jazeera quoted the police as saying.

There were reports that the shooter may have set up a fake Facebook account under a female name through which he attempted to encourage people to come down to the mall’s McDonald’s, The Guardian said in a report.

Under the female guise, it is claimed the gunman offered in a post to buy anyone who came down a free meal.

According to reports, the account was created a short time before the posts and was then disabled while the shooting was taking place on Friday.

According to police chief Hubertus Andrae the suspect had dual citizenship and “no criminal record” and no motive behind the attack was discovered till now.

Police will give an update on their investigation later on Saturday. They asked people to upload any recordings that could help them to a special account, BBC reported.

Special forces have reportedly searched the killer’s home in the Munich district of Maxvorstadt.

According to German daily Bild, the gunman’s father was being interrogated by police. Forensic teams were searching the apartment where the gunman lived with his parents.

Authorities have said Munich is returning to normal. Public transport services, which were closed down during the huge manhunt following the attack, resumed overnight, BBC noted.

People could be seen laying flowers and lighting candles outside the Olympia shopping mall on Saturday.


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