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Gurgaon : Akshat, 25, comes from a middle class background in Gurgaon and is highly fond of bikes. On his 24th birthday, he suffered an accident and required emergency treatment. However, he was fortunate enough to recover properly but the incident left an indelible mark on his psyche, even making him fearful of riding. A flashback of that disastrous evening is enough to send shivers down his spine.
He is however more cautious today and advices people to follow all precautions and not let adrenaline take precedence over safety.

India’s roads continue to be the most dangerous roads in the world. According to National Crime Records Bureau approx. 1,37,000 deaths occured in India due to road accidents in the year 2013. A majority of trauma cases in India occur due to road accidents but other mishaps can also cause trauma incidents.
To spread awareness about the importance of observing personal safety, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon has undertaken an initiative, in partnership with the Gurgaon Traffic Police to distribute 50 helmets at Gurgaon traffic red lights today. The helmets will be distributed at the Huda City Center and IFFCO Chowk red lights.

“Paras Hospitals believes that this activity can be used to make people aware about rising traumatic incidents like road accidents. Moreover, this initiative is being undertaken by Paras Hospitals in collaboration with Gurgaon traffic police. Traumatic incidents or ordeals like accidents, disasters or assaults do not only cause fatality, disability and long lasting injuries, they also have long term effects on victims,” says Dr…V.S.Mehta , Director and HOD Neurosciences
The hospital volunteers stopped people on the traffic lights, offered them helmets and spoke to them about the need to ride carefully for their own and other road travellers’ safety.
Every year, about 5 million people face death all around the globe on account of injuries. India has witnessed amazing economic growth in the last decade which has given birth to a middle class with enhanced purchasing power. As a result, more cars have entered our streets. However, such a scenario has also given rise to increasing cases of accidents and road rage.
“Haryana is highly notorious as far as road accidents are concerned. On an average, nearly seventeen accidents take place every day on the national and state highways of the state. Government statistics present a very dismal picture of Gurgaon as maximum accidents are believed to occur here. The year 2014 witnessed nearly 716 accidents on the district’s various highways. Further, data procured till 28 February, 2015 showcased that 107 accidents had already occurred in Gurgaon,” says, Dr. IMTIYAZ GANI RESHI – CONSULTANT & HEAD OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE

Paras Hospitals sincerely believes that traumatic incidents can definitely be minimized/ avoided by informing people about necessary precautions and instilling discipline amongst them. Strict implementation needs to be undertaken regarding traffic norms and public awareness programs should be initiated. Traumatic events have severe consequences on the victims and they require help and support from both family and society. Come, this World Trauma Day let’s come together to stop people from becoming victims of unnatural disasters.


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