Mumbai: Universal Music Group (UMG) is proud to announce the signing of Ananya Birla to its roster. The 22-year old has been exclusively signed by the music major as a recording artist, a move that sees her entrepreneurial corporate persona widening into the entertainment arena.

At an early age Ananya was exposed to a diverse range of music; she has been playing the santoor since the age of 11, and taught herself the guitar. But it was during her time at university that the vibrant music scene and bustling gig culture of London inspired her to consider transforming her passion into a career. Although music was always an integral part of her, Ananya credits this exposure in London as the catalyst of her craft. She lists down global names Coldplay, AR Rahman, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, The Fray as some of her favorite artists always on her playlists!

Devraj Sanyal Managing Director and CEO, Universal Music Group, South Asia said, “We are delighted to welcome ANANYA to the UMG family! At just 22, she’s already a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures…and seeing her passion and work ethics while in studio, I’m confident that she’ll achieve great success as an artist too. From singing, song writing and composing, Ananya displays natural flair. From our end, we will make sure that she’s working with the best talent in the business to produce music that’s in line with today’s global sounds and through the UMG network; we will ensure that her music travels beyond boundaries.”
Said an elated Ananya Birla “It was a dream come true when UMG signed me as an artist. I am grateful for UMG’s constant guidance and am really blessed to have a team that has given me their unwavering support at every step. My creative energy and inputs have always been respected. This is as much as their baby as it is mine. I can’t wait till the track is out for all of you to hear!”

As an entrepreneur, Ananya has been celebrated as an innovator, game-changer and symbol of enduring excellence. Now, through the Universal Music Group, Ananya will launch her musical career on a global platform. She’s currently in-studio working on her music with some of the world’s best talent. Her debut International single will drop this November kick starting what’s looking like an exciting new journey for the young and impassioned Ananya.


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