Unbelievable! Clean and healthy meals on Indian Railways at just Rs 20


New Delhi: Poor quality of food and over charging are big concerns while traveling by train. No more! IRCTC has set up Jan Ahaar Cafeterias at Railways Stations of Indian Railways all over the country for providing Janta meal at less than Rs 20.

The Jan Ahaar Cafeterias of IRCTC will make available Janta Meal, Economy meals and popular regional cuisines on platform at various stations.

Following are the features of Jan Ahaar Cafeterias:

1) The Jan Ahaar Cafeterias is on self-service’ model with 24×7 hours operations.

2)Jan Ahaar Cafeterias’ will sell or service Janta Meal, Economy meals and other popular regional cuisines and most of the items shall be priced below Rs 20

3) Fast service is provided on the pattern of take away joints. These are all air conditioned and located in the paid (ticketed) area.

4) Approved PAD items; variety of ice-creams; and approved hot and cold beverages through AVMs is dispensed.

5) Free filtered /RO drinking water would be available.

6)There will be minimum seating area, may be with 8-12 chairs and maximum area is earmarked for standing facility.

7)Modular counters for display and computerized billing.

8) Kitchen area can be seen through with glass partition towards modular counters.


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