Two doctors removed. allegedly over Hathras case


Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh): Two doctors removed. allegedly over Hathra’s case. The services of two temporary casualty medical officers (CMO) of AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) have reportedly been terminated, ostensibly over the Hathras case. Two doctors removed. allegedly over Hathra’s case. One of the two doctors, Mohammad Azimuddin Malik, alleged that his “opinion” in the Hathras case could be one of the reasons for his removal. “We had never given any statement but presented our opinion as a doctor to the media persons in Hathras case and that could be one of the reasons for my removal from JNMC,” Malik said.

The government hospital, however, has denied the charges.

Malik had contradicted the Uttar Pradesh Police, which alleged that there was no sign of rape on the body of the slain Dalit girl.

He had given a statement that the samples were taken for Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) examination 11 days after the September 14 assault “held no value”.

This contradicted the police, which cited the FSL report, and said that there was “no semen on the body, so there was no rape”.

The other CMO whose services were terminated is Obaid Imtiazul Haque. He refused to comment on the reasons for his removal.

The doctors were issued an ‘urgent letter’ on Tuesday asking them “Not to perform any further duties in the medical college”. The reason for their removal was not given in the letter issued by the hospital in-charge of SAH Zaidi.

Malik said that he was appointed against ‘leave vacancy’. “We passed the postgraduate exam this year and were invited to join here as several doctors were infected with Covid-19. And now they do not want us to continue,” he said.

Malik also said that he has given a memorandum to the vice-chancellor in this regard.

The Resident Doctors Association (RDA) president Mohammad Hamza Malik has threatened to go on strike if the termination of the two doctors is not revoked.

AMU spokesperson, Shafey Kidwai, said there was no connection between the termination of the doctors and the Hathras case.

“The doctors had sent a proposal for extension but it was not approved by the vice-chancellor, as their services were no longer required,” he said, adding that they can be taken back if the hospital in-charge demands their services.



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