Training program on Smart Port Technologies


JNPT – Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation conducted a week-long training workshop on Smart Technologies for Ports, to provide the delegates an overview on the latest technology trends that are being implemented in the maritime sector and other Ports globally. The course also focused on helping the delegates understand how to select and implement the best available technologies to suit their strategy and their customers’ needs, in an optimized way.

The workshop had a mix of, in-depth knowledge-led classroom sessions followed by practical sessions to understand the possible applications of these technology trends through case – studies of other global Ports. During the workshop the delegates learnt tech-led applications such as Port Community Systems, Maritime Logistic Platforms and E-Customs. Sustainable solutions such as Digital Ecosystems, Green Energy, E-Waste, digital innovations such as Blockchain, Geo-fencing, Big Data. Terminal Operating Systems such as Planning Tools (YV), Gate Operations, Equipment Control, Communication Tools and Protecting Intellectual Properties.

This course was attended by senior Port professionals across major Ports in India and it was fruitful experience for them, as they are now aware of the full spectrum of currently available technology and have the acumen to recommend the right technology for their port to better manage processes and procedures to increase customer services and profitability. All courses at the JNPT- APEC Centre are designed keeping in mind the training needs of the Indian and other Ports in Asia, with respect to the evolving global market.

As a premier port in the country, JNPT is also focussed on skill development for which The JNPT – Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation was set up. This is co operation between JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust), APEC the Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Centre and the Port of Antwerp and is open to participants from Major Port Trusts, Private Ports and Terminals in India and from Ports/Terminals abroad. Apart from the key aspects of port operations, the underlying focus is also to enhance and develop skills for Business development Strategies and Marketing and also instilling behavioural changes to lead effectively in the fast-changing business environment. The programme is specifically designed to encourage interaction amongst the participants and to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and best-practices.


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