Solar eclipse sets Twitter abuzz


The annular solar eclipse on Thursday set the Twitter abuzz, with users tweeting picture-postcard photos on the celestial phenomenon and even posting some funny comments.

During the eclipse, the Sun and the Moon are positioned in a way to form a ring of fire. As the Moon doesn’t cover the Sun completely, the Sun’s edges are illuminated.

The eclipse was visible in India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia.

One user posted a picture of the natural phenomenon and wrote: “Solar eclipse in dramatic cloudy weather. It’s certainly a magical moment, when you witness the solar eclipse amidst the clouds and unexpected rains. Shot at Pune.”

Another user wrote: “This is mesmerising. #solareclipse2019 #RingOfFire.”

“It looks like the Sun was hanged on guillotine today & ready to be executed,” read one post.

One user posted pictures of the solar eclipse and wrote: “Kid in the room shouts ‘moon’ looking at the picture.”

A user posted a picture where the eclipse resembles a diamond ring. The comment: “Hope she gets impressed with this.”

New Delhi, Dec 26 (IANS)


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