Elephant population declining in Jharkhand


Ranchi: The elephant population has gradually declined in Jharkhand in the last 15 years with many succumbing to electrocution, railway accidents and poaching, officials said.

There were 772 elephants in Jharkhand in 2002, which declined to 624 in 2007 and this year the elephant population is just 588.

In 2012, the elephant population had increased from 624 to 688.

The counting of elephants took place earlier this month in the six regions of the state, as per the forest department.

In Palamau Tiger Reserve area, the elephant population has declined to 186 from 238.

In Dalma sanctuary, only 46 elephants are remaining out of 156. In other regions, the elephant population has either increased or declined slightly.

“The death of elephants and migration are two reasons for the decline. Some elephants died naturally and some died due to electrocution, hit by running train or killed due to conflict with human beings,” a senior forest official told IANS.

As many as 32 pachyderms have died due to electrocution and 22 elephants were killed in train accidents. Besides electrocution, poaching, poisoning and age factor are the other reasons for their deaths.



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