Top Card Games That you Can Play for Money


Some of the top casino card games are the ones that you can play with your friends and family. The stakes are higher and the thrill unmatched when you play with real money. But whether you choose to play these games online or offline, nothing can beat the thrill of poker, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Three-Card Poker, Jokers Wild, Stud Poker, etc.

So why not make some extra bucks while having fun with your deck of cards? Here are the top casino games of all time:

  1. Poker

If you are playing poker for the first time, don’t worry. Poker may be one of the most popular casino card games but many have tried it out for the first time.

To win, you need to have the best possible hand or at least lead the other players to believe so. The rules are simple enough: aim to have the best hand from two private cards and five community cards. Poker is so popular though that there are now a dozen variations from single-player

Some professional poker players participate in national online poker tournaments where the stakes are higher. Million dollar prizes, progressive jackpots and many other offers make poker one of the most coveted casino games of all times.

  1. Blackjack

Who doesn’t remember the classic movie 21, the American heist drama featuring MIT students who become experts at card counting and try out their luck at Las Vegas Casinos?

Blackjack’s popularity transcends movies, books, documentaries and even research papers as it has some of the simplest rules of any casino card game, yet it is so fascinating to watch the game unfold. All you need to do is get the sum of 21 or a higher number than the dealer(without going bust). Again, with blackjack the payouts are great in real money, especially if you are playing the casino’s special progressive blackjack games that offer huge jackpots. Players can also improve their odds by learning the right strategy and decrease the house advantage to less than 0.5%,

Online gambling sites like offer multiple ways in which you can play blackjack.

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat looks complicated and yet it is surprisingly easy once you learn how to play it. In this classic casino card game, the dealer deals a coup of two cards and the players can choose to bet on either themselves or the dealer to win or even to tie.

With baccarat, there are three possibilities, a player win, a banker’s win or a tie. Much of the work is done by the dealer. If neither hand achieves a total of eight or nine in the first hand, an additional card is drawn.

Baccarat is also famous for superstition. Players are known to rip up cards after bad games or blow on cards to ward off evil, or even wear the colour red for good luck. Since baccarat has a low house advantage and a high opportunity for profit, it remains a very popular game among players. Many casinos only offer high-stakes baccarat games.

  1. Live Deal or No Deal Card Game

Deal or NO deal game rules are quite simple. And no you don’t have to visit a TV studio. To compete there are three rounds: the qualification round, the top up round and the final Deal or NO Deal Game show round.

  1. Rummy

Many of you may have played Rummy for money in childhood or before the internet took over. Rummy games have many variations but the end goal is the same. You match cards so as to get rid of them. The winner is the first person to get rid of all his cards.

Have you ever tried your luck at Rummy in online casinos? You don’t actually play against other players.

A popular variant of Rummy online is Three Card Rummy. You place your ante bet, then you get your three-card hand and you need to decide whether to raise or fold. Finally, you see the dealer’s hand and find out if you have won or lost.

Another popular variant in Rummy is The Indian Rummy which is a cross between Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. You can even ask your friends to join you while you are playing live to play together.

  1. Texas Hold’em or Casino Hold’em

If you have played poker then you won’t have trouble playing Hold’em. You need to beat the players by having the best hand or bluff so that the others imagine you do.

You don’t play against the house but the game puts you against a series of players.

It is not all about your luck though, there is much skill involved. It offers some of the biggest winnings in online casino games and popular casino sites even hold regular tournaments.


If you are fond of card games or even betting, the internet is a great place to get your share of entertainment. If you are interested in sports betting, then head to to place wagers on your favourite sports.






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