Top 30 quotes used for Narendra Modi by his rivals during Election campaigns


New Delhi: Narendra Modi has etched another chapter in history by bagging 282 seats for BJP and setting a record of defeating his opponent, veteran Congress leader, Madhusudan Mistry by a margin of approximately 5,70,000 votes in Vadodara, Gujarat.

For the first time in India voters showed as much excitement and voted for their leader. The world’s largest democracy now has a new leader who will soon be sworn in as the Prime Minister of India. People’s adoration for Narendra Modi was apparent during this festive season of election. But India’s Prime Minister in the making is a controversial one.

This Hindu – nationalist is regarded for his notable achievements in Gujarat as its CM, for the tremendous effort he put in election campaigns, his enthralling speeches, his vision for the nation and his innovative skills. But along with that, he is and will always be remembered for 2002 Gujarat riots. Or may we add, his rivals will never allow the issue to be put to rest.

Despite being given clean chit by the Supreme Court, tales of gross incidents of the past were evoked time and again by his rivals to attack him in their desperation. Indeed, BJP’s path to victory seemed clear even before the results were declared.

BJP rivals sought to take on him by thrusting disparaging, pejorative and snide remarks on Narendra Modi in their election rallies and roadshows. Modi too left no stone unturned in responding by means that would help him win hearts of people.

Apparently this tug –o – war worked well with Modi as he is an unbeatable orator. He managed to use all insults to his favor.


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