This is what Netflix is going to bring for you in India


New Delhi: The US-headquartered video-streaming service Netflix has launched its services in India. If you choose, soon you would be able to view high-resolution Ultra HD content streaming on a smartphones or smart television.

Who is Netflix targeting its content at in India?
To start with, Netflix is aiming at a kind of segment who carries an international credit card, who may have an i-tunr account, and carries a capacity to pay subscription of $8 or Rs 550 a month for the quality of content he would watch.

In the beginning, the content will be culled out from the Western entertainment. So if you are an English speaking audience, no doubt you would enjoy it more!

Gradually, Netflix will deepen content by targeting at broader Indian population. That is where it will become a game changer in the content-producing space. It will create local content in India not only for India, but for world audience.


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