They forced chapatis into my mouth: catering supervisor


New Delhi: The catering supervisor of the IRCTC-managed canteen at New Maharashtra Sadan, who was force-feeded by a Shiv Sena MP in a fit of rage, has claimed chapatis were forced into his mouth even though they knew his name and his religious sentiments were hurt.

In a complaint to the Maharashtra Resident Commissioner, Arshad Zubair, who was at the receiving end of the Shiv Sena MPs’ anger, said chapatis were put into his mouth even though he was wearing his name tag.

“I was getting the orders prepared. They caught me and put the chapatis into my mouth.

I was wearing a formal uniform as prescribed by IRCTC and everybody in the panel also knew my name as “Arshad as I was wearing the name tag.

“Even then, they pushed chapatis into my mouth, which caused my fast to break on the eve of Ramzan.

I was hurt with the thing they have done as religious sentiments were concerned,” Arshad said in his complaint.

A Shiv Sena MP was caught on a video footage purportedly force-feeding the fasting Muslim employee in New Maharashtra Sadan here sparking an outrage and a huge uproar in Parliament today amid demands for action against its MPs involved in the incident and calls to avoid giving communal tinge.


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