Star Movies Select HD has been bringing books alive through the Book Adaptation Festival for the last few months. Viewers have been given the chance to watch their favourite films, be it Comedy, Romance or Thrillers!

As the Book Adaptation has begun its month of thrillers, Star Movies Select HD will be presenting its viewers a horror film Hannibal Rising Directed by Peter Webber. This film is an adaptation movie of Thomas Harris’ novel of the same name.

The film is an adaptation of Thomas Harris’ work of the same name. The story goes back to 1941 when Hannibal Lecter was only eight years old. With the Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union, he along with his sister and his parents travel to their family’s hunting lodge to stay away from the German troops. After three years, when Nazis were retreating, they destroys a Soviet tank which had stopped at the Lecter’s hunting lodge killing everyone except Lecter and his sister Mischa. However begins to plot revenger against those who were responsible for the death of his sister as well.

Speaking about the movie, Arunabh Kumar, Founder of TVF shares “Firstly, I wish Star Movies Select HD a very happy one year anniversary and a thumbs up on their book adaptation festival. As someone who has been a big books and movie buff, it’s always great to see your favorite reads come alive on the big screen. Book Adaptations are always interesting as two different perspectives, the author’s and the director’s, merge together along with your own expectations from the movie. Few of my personal all-time favorites that I look forward to watch on Star Movies Select HD are Fault In Our Stars, The Bourne Identity, Dr Strangelove, Hannibal Rising.”

Get a chance to see Hannibal Rising on Star Movies Select HD this Sunday 2nd October at 1pm!


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