This new range of furnishings for the home springs from colours and textures. Recalling sky and earth, colours draw on blues toned with greys and charcoal, yellows and a soft brown, a shimmer of metallic thread. Silk has been quilted in waves, velvet smocked and hand worked, cushions embellished with a discreet embroidery. The look is luxurious but casual.
Morning Dew


Enjoy the calm and the freshness of the colours. A light blue has been lightly fused with charcoal in the hand-quilted silk bedcover. Blue and charcoal are again picked up in the throw where organza, silk and tussar have been hand-knotted to give a casual overlay. A decorative cushion has been added in a textured embroidery of charcoal brown.
Stones in the Earth


Here the colours draw deep on nature with charcoal and brown recalling the richness of the soil. The silk bedcover quilted in waves has been made reversible to reflect both sky and stone. Velvet has been used for a cushion which has been smocked and textured.

A Chinese Garden


The inspiration is porcelain and willow. The yellow of the hand stitched throw has been contrasted with the light grey of the quilt. A velvet cushion completes the bed and beside it lies another embellished with metallic thread.

Also available at: New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai


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