GPS lock issues hitting some Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones


Seoul: In a growing list of problems pertaining to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series smartphones are the latest GPS lock issue that has affected some Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and Galaxy S20+ users, but likely also covers the Galaxy S20.

Several owners of Galaxy S20 phones are reporting the issue on Reddit, Twitter, and the Samsung forums that their devices are unable to get a hold of their location until after a few minutes.

Even then, the location jumps around, making its data unreliable. One user reports that Samsung claimed the issue was limited just to the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G model but others are experiencing the same problems on the Galaxy S20+, the XDA Developers recently reported.

The GPS lock issue is said to be difficulty locking into a user’s location.

This new issue is just the latest of what seems to be a slowly expanding list of complaints about the Galaxy S20 phones.

Most users claim GPS lock is an issue with Waze while some others are reporting that Google Maps locks onto GPS signal without a problem.

In a few cases, turning off 5G and using LTE exclusively has fixed the issue entirely, or made it a bit better, according to GSMArena.

March 19 (IANS)


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