Sudhir Mishra to executive-produce ‘Brown’


Mumbai:Sudhir Mishra to executive-produce ‘Brown’ . Director Raj Amit Kumar, who is known for his directorial “Unfreedom”, has collaborated with filmmaker Sudhir Mishra for his next project, “Brown”.

Sudhir Mishra to executive-produce ‘Brown’ .The film is shot in Butte, Montana, and is about a quiet immigrant being chased by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents while trying to make a safe home with a young white orphan girl rescued from abuse.

Mishra has come on board as the executive producer of the film. He tells IANS: “Raj is one of the very few interesting minds I have met in recent times and his film ‘Brown’ is very thought-provoking as it highlights the real-time experiences of an immigrant, an outsider, which I believe is an important aspect to be showcased via cinema. Independent filmmaking can be very lonely, but I am glad to see directors like Raj and new generations joining the trend. It just ensures exposure to more exciting cinema.”

Kumar adds: “For me, ‘Brown’ is an extension of my goals as a filmmaker. It is a story relevant to today’s issues of immigration, drug epidemics, and minorities trying to make an honest living. ‘Brown’ is a thought-provoking social criticism meant to make us think about what and why we believe what we believe about the world around us.”

The team of the film has kickstarted a fundraising campaign that would further help the team with post-production work.



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