Strives Hard During COVID19 crisis – Real Champions – Central Railway Construction Department.


Central Railway Construction department has emerged true champions during the nationwide lockdown to fight against COVID19 by way of completing the infrastructure developmental projects going on Central Railway jurisdiction.

Central Railway construction department mainly deals with the major works of construction going on all over its jurisdiction including 5 Divisions of Central Railway. The works involved the preparation and approval of Engineering Scale Plans, Signal Interlocking Plans, Electrical works, General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) of Bridges. Also responsible for communication process with Commissioner of Railway Safety for the opening of new lines, the supply of sleepers and other track materials for ongoing projects from concrete sleeper plants and fittings suppliers etc. and other miscellaneous project related works.

The dedicated team of officers and staff of the construction department rose to the occasion and executed the tasks before them in a systematic manner.

The major works the construction department carrying out during this lockdown period are the construction of bridges at Bhatsa and Kaloo, Road over Bridge at Kopari, station work at Dronagiri and Nhavasheva, subway work at Uran station, Electrification works between Teegaon- Chichonda, Badli-Jalgaon 3rd line, Belapur-Seawood-Uran double line, Yeola-Ankai, Signal and Telecom works at Sonegaon, Wagholi and Chichonda stations etc,

A mammoth task of the launching of the girder of Mehakari Bridge on Ahmednagar-Beed-Parli Vaijnath new line section 40 kms away from Ahmednagar was started during the lockdown. This launching process will take close to one-month period to complete. This section is a difficult terrain to work, which provide connectivity between Ahmednagar and Beed District. This bridge passes over the Mehakari River and hence called Mehakari Bridge, which is one of the biggest bridges on Central Railway. It is 15 span bridge with each span length of 30.5 mts. The highlight of this bridge is the height up to which the launching needed to be done was 30 meters.

During the launching, all safety precautions and protocols pertaining to COVID-19 have adhered too.

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