Snoopgate row: Gloves are off as BJP says it will reciprocate


New Delhi: As the war of words on Snoopgate inquiry intensified, BJP today accused Congress of laying down an “agenda of confrontation” and suggested that it will be “reciprocated” once the saffron party comes to power. Attacking the Congress-led UP government, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said the “Shah Alams” are failing to realise the limits of their jurisdiction, a reference to the Mughal king who presided over a declining empire. “If the Congressmen on the eve of their departure are laying down an agenda of confrontation with the current Opposition, they are only laying down an agenda for the future.

“Nobody will accept the argument that what the Congressmen are doing is justice and when the same is reciprocated it is vindictiveness,” he said. Asking Congress to reconcile to a spell in opposition, Jaitley said the idea of getting out of power is making it “bitter and desperate”.

“The Gandhis believe that they were God’s gifts to India and were meant only to rule. They frown at the very idea of a tea vendor defeating them at the polls and ruling India. Others believe that till 16th May they have unlimited power,” he said.


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