Skybox Security Suite Once Again Honored as Best-in-Class


New Delhi: Skybox® Security, a global leader in cybersecurity management and analytics, is pleased to announce that the Skybox® Security Suite has received its third consecutive five-star product review from SC Magazine — the most recent review for the category of Risk and Policy Management. Skybox also garnered five stars from SC Magazine earlier this year for Vulnerability and Threat Management and in 2015 for Risk and Policy Management.

The review described the Skybox Security Suite as, “probably the most versatile and flexible product of its types that we have seen. There is nowhere near enough room on our page to cover all of its capabilities.” With no weaknesses found, they went on to give five stars in every category: features, documentation, value for money, performance, support and ease of use.
“This is a first-class product, straightforward to use and very flexible in its functionality,” the review continued.

The Skybox Security Suite is comprised of five modules on a common security analytics platform designed to meet complex challenges invulnerability and threat management and security policy management. Through platform integration with more than 90 networking and security technologies, the Suite unifies data from an organization’s existing solutions, breaking down the silos between products, processes and teams. With network modeling, attack simulation and analytics, the Suite builds the most comprehensive picture of an organization’s attack surface across physical, virtual and cloud networks and even OT environments. This visual, contextual intelligence brings targeted response times from weeks or months to hours and minutes.

Earlier this year, the company also launched Skybox® Horizon, an attack surface visualization tool that was named one of the “hot security products” at RSA by NetworkWorld. Horizon also won “Innovative Product of the Year” at the 2016 Cyber Security Awards.

Using the vast data gathered by the Skybox Security Suite, Horizon translates this information into a visual, interactive model, giving organization’s a way to quickly assess security posture and prioritize action. Horizon can be customized to view the attack surface from multiple perspectives, enabling panoramic or deep-dive visualizations. It also unites risk under a common language using indicators of exposure (IOEs), enabling security action and resources to be targeted at the organizations most critical security issues. IOEs include risks such as new, exposed and concentrations of vulnerabilities, unsecure device configurations and risky access rules. Security practitioners can view IOE trends over time to better understand the impact of their efforts.


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