Shoojit Sircar feels tourism in India will boom post COVID-19 pandemic


Mumbai : Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, tourism within India will boom “like never before”, feels Shoojit Sircar.

The filmmaker took to Twitter to express the idea and also explain his prediction.

“After all this is over, possibly this year end I have a feeling our own internal tourism will boom like never before.. no one travels out of country and desi travel will sky rocket,” he tweeted.

Shoojit Sircar feels this way because people will refrain from travelling to other countries due to fear of contracting the virus, and they will opt to spend vacations in different tourist spots across the country, which will lead to a tourim boom in India.

Netizens agreed with the filmmaker Shoojit Sircar and predicted that along with tourism industry, the aviation industry, which is also experiencing a huge loss with fleets grounded, will bounce back.

Earlier in the day, Shoojit Sircar asked netizens if there is any country which has “escaped the virus” till now. While most users came up with names of several such nations, one user offered a witty reply.

The user replied: “North Korea. Everyone reporting a cough is executed.”



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