Shocking images: ISIS militants blow up rival rebel fighters in Syria


Damascus: Shocking pictures of Islamic State-linked jihadists readying to blow up al-Nusra fighters have emerged.
As per Daily Mail, militants belonging to the Syrian Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade blew up al-Nusra Front fighters after their headquarters in the country’s south was bombed in a suicide attack last month.

Images released by SITE show two men kneeling on the ground facing away from each other with wiring taped around their bodies.

Syrian militants are then seen pouring what appears to be petrol over them. A further image shows another man taped up the same way.

As per SITE, the three men were accused involvement in the suicide attack.

The Nusra Front had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Al-Nusra Front and ISIS are also engaged in a turf war in Syria while fighting government forces of President Bashar al-Assaad.


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