OLD GOA : The Inter-Religious Meet urged Goans to unitedly fight the destruction of nature and protect the poor. The leaders of the three major faiths in Goa i.e. Christian, Muslim & Hinduism were unanimous in their opinion that the environment suffers through the unplanned development being carried out in Goa by way of cutting hills or forest land and filling of low lying areas like paddy fields. The leaders opined that we are just guardians of the land and should do everything to save it and give it to the future generations as we got it. The greed for riches is the cause of destruction of nature and exploitation of poor while the elected representatives have failed in their duty to save the nature and preserve it for future generation.


Congratulating the Church of Goa for the initiative and especially for its theme ‘Together we protect the nature and defend the poor’ Altaf Shah said:”We have too many challenges in the society but environment is the most sensitive issue today. We have however done little to save the rampant destruction of nature and our greed is the major contributor though our religions advise us to be accountable for our deeds especially saving the nature and preserving it for our future generations.” Shah also urged Goans to do away with the concept of me, myself and family in order to protect the poor and save the Mother Earth from destruction with development of tall buildings, airports, etc.

Amancio Fernandes urged Goans to come together and save Goa from being destroyed by hill cutting, destruction of forest land and filling of paddy fields, etc. “We have allowed destruction of nature and mismanagement leading to climatic changes and rains in any part of the season. The Youth of today will be the ultimate sufferers owing to destruction of nature and it’s high time we develop a plan to save the natural resources. Our elected representatives like the Panchas and MLAs are duty bound to save our hills, paddy fields and forest cover.”


Chandrashekar Gawas stated that we need to protect the nature for our own protection. “Sadly today’s development means cutting of trees, hills and filling of paddy fields but where are we heading for ‘a man made jungle’. Let’s all unite and protect each other by saving the nature for future generations”.

Earlier, His Grace, Most Rev. Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Filipe Neri Ferrao, Convenor of the Inter-Religious Meet Rev. Fr. Noel D’Costa, Speakers and Teacher/Student beat the drum to inaugurate the meet while Rev. Fr. Denis Fernandes proposed a vote of thanks. Sr. Marie Cristaline welcomed the gathering. Rachol Seminarians led the choir while students put up skits and prayer dance.


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