Ro-Ro service rolls off from Bale to Nelmangala


Mumbai: Ro-Ro service rolls off from Bale to Nelmangala. On Central Railway a trial run of Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO), carrying road vehicles, on open flat railway wagons were carried out from Bale (Solapur) to Nelmangala (Bengaluru) on 6.9.2020. Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his recent Independence Day speech, has envisaged multimodal connectivity to take India to the next level of development.

Ro-Ro service rolls off from Bale to Nelmangala. Railways provide hassle free and environmentally friendly transport to medium to the large quantum of freight. Rail transport is the most fuel efficient of all means of transport and is much safer than the road. Roll-on-Roll-off is a multimodal delivery model with the following advantages

  • Faster movement of goods and essentials, reducing Time taken by trucks to reach destinations due to traffic congestion in between cities
  • Reduces congestion on the roads
  • Saves precious fuel
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Bengaluru and Solapur cities are thriving business cities, rich in Agri-products.  Substantial road traffic carrying a large number of commodities move between these two cities.


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