Rapper’s album taken off Walmart due to anti-Donald Trump lyrics


Los Angeles: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump may affect the sales of rapper Rick Ross`s “Black Market” album.
According to some reports, American multinational retail corporation Walmart has now stopped selling Ross`s latest album due to an aggressive lyric about Trump, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The lyric in question appears on the song “Free enterprise”.

“Assassinate Trump like I`m Zimmerman/ Now accept these words as they came from Eminem,” Ross raps in the track.

A writer named Mark Dice is the one responsible for the “Black Market” album removal from Walmart.

He claimed he contacted Walmart as well as other major retailers like Amazon, Target and iTunes to complain about the assassination lyric.

“Walmart has apparently pulled Rick Ross`s new album `Black Market` after media analyst Mark Dice called them to bring to their awareness that the first track on the album `Free Enterprise` calls for the assassination of Donald Trump,” Dice wrote in a caption for a new video on his YouTube channel.

“Black Market” is currently also unavailable on Walmart`s website, but is still sold through the three other retailers. Neither Walmart nor Rozay has responded to the news.



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