The Brexit Wickets


When Theresa May replaced PM David Cameron, she was full of confidence to fulfill the task with the extended target date and same with Boris Johnson who replaced Theresa May; had vowed, after his swearing-in ceremony, declaring “we are going to set Brexit on Oct 31st. We are going to take all the opportunities”!

The latest developments in Britain appear to be the main part of his hidden agenda having been fully revealed!

‌To silence the voices of opposition to the kind of his handling of Brexit, with a ‘deal or no deal’ policy, he went to the extent of influencing the Queen for that and convinced the monarch for his ulterior motive of suspending the parliament session till mid October; obviously to curb passage of any law against his bulldozing sort of exit proposal! Wow, what an over smart idea; although as an allegedly undemocratic act! While he is bent upon exiting from the European Union, come what may, without pursuing any more formalities and procedures; hence suspending Parliament was one of the main agendas towards that policy shift, as said earlier. But for the main opposition leaders and the opposition within Johnson’s Conservative party, that’s not a taboo since they could appraise it at the largest platform, with the public, that is where the city center’s and elsewhere, wherever, face to face with the public! Johnson’s prerogative action over this Parliament session that began on June 2017, has broken about a four centuries’ record and that preceded the suspension of high-profile conservative MPs, have already been proved counterproductive; his government has become a minority one now, as rebellion has been in progress hence the PM expelled those 21 MPs from his party, desperately since they voted against his ‘deal or no deal’ exit proposal, and now virtually he has lost the majority in the Commons! Also, his ministers have begun resigning one by one protesting over his autocratic and undemocratic act of dismissing prominent MPs. As his government has been reduced to a minority, he now wants to call for elections, after ‘Brexiting’! But the opposition Labour party etc had been opposing the election proposal, since they hoped to defeat his government, any moment and the Queen has already begun considering one among a few fresh faces! Though they had been demanding fresh elections since the last couple of years, recently they had to keep cool over that, expecting to topple Boris Johnson and form their government. Opposition within and outside the conservative party are fighting for a proper deal on Brexit as Boris wanted it even without, as mentioned earlier and that could end up with tremendous pressure on UK economy since a $33 billion+ fine would have to be remitted to EU for such an irresponsible Brexit!
As the Commons house of Parliament has given approval for a law which would compel the government to delay the probable exit from EU, even till September 2020, and that would seal the room for further tactics of Johnson as and when it gets a YES from the Queen – but unfortunately, Jonhson has defeated that idea! This weapon of the opposition could’ve virtually demolished Johnson’s above-narrated declaration after he had had the oath as PM. That was purely a result of the surge of adrenaline, as soon as he was sworn in as PM; but still, he has proved to be a better tactician!

‌Meanwhile, EU leaders like the Speaker David Sassoli in Brussels, are pessimistic about the UK PM’s hope of Brexit so easily!
‌And at last, he has prorogued the parliament justifying, as ‘it’s required for the Queen’s speech on 14 October’, though there was a near rioting situation.

‌At least it fulfills the dreams of PM ship of several politicians, as this controversial subject of Brexit has been dominating since June 2016!

Sreenivas R Chirayath


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