Mohit Rao salutes the mothers of Kamathipura, this Mother’s Day!



Mumbai: The renowned mind reader and mentalist Mohit Rao celebrated motherhood with the women of Kamathipura on the 11th of May, 2017 at the Khetwadi Municipal School (Dagdishala), Grant Road. It was a very interesting and interactive 30 minutes mind reading session in association with the anti-trafficking organization PRERANA, to honor the mothers of Kamathipura and pay respect to their courage. Mohit Rao has always been known for his phenomenal performances for Corporate Events and has performed for biggest and best brands globally, designs and curates shows according to the audience.

The session held for the mothers of Kamathipura included 3 amazing acts which were all visual and edgy. Starting with the Body language analysis, which revealed facts on what the person was thinking just by reading the body language of the person which left the women amazed. The act was followed by the Broken Glass Walk act, wherein he walked on the broken glass bare feet and to add on some more excitement and thrill he even lay on the broken glasses. Not only had that he also made two people stand on him while he lay on it himself. The third and last act was The Guns and blindfolds act which left everyone stunned, we witnessed Mohit Rao using his power of intuitions to find out the unloaded gun amongst the 5 loaded guns and he was successful to prove the power of his intuition by choosing and shooting the right gun on himself.

The half an hour session was well appreciated and received by the participative audience, who regaled the experience.

Adding to the experience Mohit Rao Quotes, “My sole vision to conduct this session was to honour the working mothers and the dual role the mothers play of the bread winner and the caretaker of the child. Collaborating with Prerna gave me an insight into the lives of these women. The sessions I conducted were light hearted but entertaining, that engaged the audience and brought a smile to their faces. I look forward to collaborate more with such initiatives.”

Spokesperson for Prerana said “These women have been wronged in ways by their loved ones and also by the society at large. The life of these women is often restricted to the red-light areas. This mother’s day we wanted to provide them with an experience that brings a smile to their face, leaving their worries for a while. We are glad we could make this initiative work. ”

Prerana is a three decade old civil society organization, that addresses the issue of inter-generational trafficking into the sex trade and larger issues around sex trafficking, gender based violence, child sexual abuse and child protection and has been instrumental in bringing policy level changes through their strong advocacy.


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